5 Years Taalhuis!


5 Years Taalhuis!

5 years ago our Taalhuis started in the “buurthuis” at the Elandsgracht with 5 students learning Greek and 5 Greeks learning Dutch. Since that January we’re super happy we’ve grown in such numbers of languages, teachers and students and we would love to celebrate this with you!!

We have created a one-day festival with:
* Turkish coffee with delights by Melike
* A bit of French theater dialogues with Lucie
* Arabic Calligraphy with Walid and Farah
* Egyptian street language  with Roel & friends
* Sing a Dutch song with our teacher Una (who also happens to be a professional jazz singer!)
* An Etruscan riddle with Diederik!
* Greek dances “Beyond Sirtaki” with one of the above mentioned first students and now member of the team, Christos!
* Tabouleh workshop with our student Yahia from Lebanon ( with shisha on the roof of our latest Taalhuis at the Nieuwezijs Voorburgwal if you like)
* Italian gnocchi with Emilia, Manuela and Paolo!
* Get rid of the Dunglish in your English with Alma
* Discuss Uruguayan politics with Alberto (with a glass of Argentinian wine)
* Join the very first Taalhuis pubquizz designed and hosted by Isabel and Michiel!

Here is a more schematic approach:

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