Love has no language barriers!


Love has no language barriers!

Shortly before a St.Valentine’s Day when the air is filled with delicate flowers’ flavor we’ve asked our students Eva (Greek) and Wouter (Dutch) who have been together already for almost 6 years to talk about LOVE! They both started to learn language of each other and here is their story:

It is funny how two cultures can come close. How the sober Dutch style can connect with Mediterranean temperament. When Wouter had his first visit in a Greek taverna, he witnessed how Greek men can lift tables with their teeth and dance sirtaki. Since then he was determined to find his ονείρο μελαχρινό (brunette dream). Eva was surprised to find the Greek heart that she was always searching for in a Dutch man.

“We both speak English as a second language and it is a great way to communicate, but we enjoy it when we speak to each other in our native languages. Learning each others language allows you to better understand each other and to explore the culture of the country.” 

Wouter was surprised of how many times words like “φάε”(eat! red.) are used by a Greek family and especially by Eva’s mother. Sitting at the table with the Greek family and experiencing constant “γειά μας και καλή όρεξη” makes you curious to learn more about the language. Eva from the other side being a big fan of traditions, she is “gek op Sinterklaas” and enjoys visiting her Dutch and Greek family and singing Sinterklaas liedjes like “Sinterklaasje bonne bonne bonne…”
Language could be a barrier but it can be bridged, and if it is also combined with love then miracles can happen!

Eva & Wouter


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