Shopping and cooking in Greece


Shopping and cooking in Greece

This week is all about Greek! And what better place to learn Greek than Greece? Here’s a small lesson about food and cooking for you:

So buying groceries is “κάνω ψώνια”.. We went to the αγορά (market) in the οδός Αθηνάς and bought:

skordo blita domates mpaxarika mirodika paximadia

Then we went home…


…where we had to clean the βλήτα under the guidence of our wonderful cook of the day Katerina:


and of course we added a little..


and we grilled…


and then it was time to..


and after all the cooking and dinner we went for a glass of


Want to learn more Greek? Find a course for your level in Amsterdam or come to Crete or Naxos with us!


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