Amarcord: Cineforum italiano

Cineforum italiano – Amarcord

Cineforum italiano is back! Our teacher Marzia will welcome you in our small and cozy movie theatre in Muiderstraat where you will enjoy old and new masterpieces of Italian cinema. You will be given a small introduction to the film (in Italian and/or in English), and afterwards we will talk about our impressions on what we have just seen, the topics and everything that we feel like worthy of sharing. Ti aspettiamo!

Amarcord (Federico Fellini, 1973)

The film tells the story of Titta, a teenager who lives in Rimini in the 1930s. The school, the family, the fascist ideology at its peak, the peculiar characters of the city. Titta is the alter ego of the director, Federico Fellini. Fellini takes us into the world of his youth and makes us share in his most intimate memories of him, common and extraordinary stories of a simple life. No wonders that Amarcord means “I remember” in the Rimini dialect. Amarcord takes the viewer into a real circus of incredible characters: La Gradisca, the most desired woman; La Tabachéra (the tobacco seller) and the Junoesque forms of her, the mad uncle who longs for love. All characters who are now icons.

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