Dutch workshop - Perfect your past tenses - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Dutch workshop – Perfect your past tenses

Perfect your past tenses!

Does soft ketchup ring a bell, but are you not sure what to do with it? Are you confused when you need to use perfectum or imperfectum? And do you need more practice to internalize regular and irregular verbs?

In this workshop we’ll freshen up your theory about the rules and use of perfectum and imperfectum. More importantly, you will practice a lot by playing games, writing short texts and speaking about experiences in the past. The duration of the workshop is 2,5 hours, including a short break.

Additional exercises and a writing assignment will be given and corrected by the teacher within two weeks after the workshop.

This workshop takes place at Muiderstraat 24 and is suitable for all those who’ve finished A1.2 and above.

Dutch isn't the same everywhere:

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