Fairouz's Fridays (IV) - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Fairouz’s Fridays (IV)

Fairouz is one of the most prominent singers in the Middle East and her songs carry the message of peace.

Have you ever wondered what she is singing about? What’s the story behind each song? And how did her songs become an inspiration for millions of people?

To answer that and more, Taalhuis Amsterdam presents to you Fairouz’s Fridays with Nour. A new series to learn about the middle eastern morning voice!

In this series, you will learn more about her songs, their meanings, the expressions she used and the story behind them. In course of 6 evenings we’ll have a closer look at different songs with translation and transcription! You can follow the whole course but it is also possible to follow one or more single sessions.

This series is designed for students with an intermediate Arabic level and higher!

This is a part of the series Fairouz's Fridays! Book separately or save your spot for the whole course! Click here to get a season ticket!

A glance into Fairouz's music and theatre plays!

Have you ever thought of studying Arabic abroad?

  • It’s a unique way to dive deeper into the language and also the culture
  • You'll know more about one of the most prominent singers in the Middle East and her artistic journey
  • You'll get to enjoy Yahia’s amazing mezzas (small dishes like hummus, etc)

Have you ever thought of studying Arabic abroad?

Check our latest blog about our language trip to Egypt! Get inspired and join us next year!

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