Guided tour in Verzetsmuseum for Dutch learners - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Guided tour in Verzetsmuseum for Dutch learners

Did you know that many Dutch women during the World War II were involved in resistance work and used prams to smuggle weapons and other items?

As a part of Taalhuis cultural out-of-classroom program, we invite Dutch learners to join us in the special tour designed by Verzetsmuseum (The Resistance Museum) and for coffee & chats afterward.

If you’re interested in history and would like to practice your Dutch skills, don’t miss this chance!

The tour is suitable for everyone with the level B1 and higher.

The tour will take place from 11:00 till 12:30 on 25 April in the Verzetsmuseum (Plantage Kerklaan 61). Registration is required!

The price includes the NT2 guided tour & one drink in a cafe. The entrance to the museum is free of charge for our group.

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