Watch Italian movies at our Cineforum-series - Taalhuis Amsterdam


Want to improve your Italian by watching Italian movies? Join our new Cineforum-series with Marzia! You’ll watch movies and analyse what you’ve seen through various activities (in Italian, of course!). You can either book one session, or join the full series (five movies) with a season ticket.

These events take place at Muiderstraat 24. This season we’ll watch these Italian movies:

Don Camillo
12 December 2021

Johnny Stecchino
23 January 2022

Le conseguenze dell’amore
13 February 2022

Non ci resta che piangere
20 March 2022

Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot
17 April 2022

Cineforum – season ticket

Besides a film lover, Marzia is also an excellent cook:

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