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Everybody knows “Volare”, but what about “Soldi”?

The aim of this events is to give the students a wider knowledge of today’s Italian music, which is also an engaging way to follow the changes of Italian society and discuss about it in group with a glass of wine. Throughout the 6 meetings, we will listen to a number of both new Italian artists, music genres and lesser known abroad established musicians/bands.

The teacher – an Italian professional singer-songwriter and music nerd – will give information on the socio-cultural context and on the careers of such musicians, go through some of the most significant lyrics and provide the students with critical articles/reviews/interviews from Italian music magazines to discuss about.

Each meeting will focus on a specific theme, you can choose to come to the whole series or select your preferred subjects.

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Musica Italiana

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All about today's Italian Music!

Our teacher Luca is an Italian professional singer-songwriter and music nerd!

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