Arabic in Egypt (15-23 October 2022) - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Arabic in Egypt (15-23 October 2022)

Where better to learn a language than in the country where it is spoken? Each autumn, Taalhuis travels to Egypt for a special language trip. Dive into the language and culture with us and find out why Egypt is called umm iddunya – mother of the world.

In the autumn of 2022 (postponed due to Corona) Farah will take us to Egypt again, on a trip to Alexandria and Cairo this time, the two largest cities in the land of the Pharaohs. Just three hours apart, these two metropolises are equally fascinating but totally different.

We will start in Alexandria, known as ‘the Pearl of the Mediterranean’. This coastal hub was founded by Alexander the Great and is famous for its 19km coastline, or ‘El Corniche’ as the locals call it. Here we can enjoy the wonderful breeze and laidback atmosphere, while smoking a shisha from one of the many terraces.

In Alexandria, we will have five days of language classes, in which the teachers will guide us through the Egyptian dialect. Special focus will be given to speaking skills, so that we can immediately put our new knowledge into practice on the Egyptian streets.

After that, we head over to Cairo by train. This mega city is full of hustle and bustle, history and has an active nightlife.

Join us in exploring this magnificent labyrinth that never sleeps!

We will have a small group for beginners and intermediates. Are you an advanced speaker or unsure of your level? Contact us and we’ll do an intake with you and discuss the options!

The excursions are a combination of learning and fun, providing you with out-of-class experiences to practice your Egyptian-Arabic skills and learn about modern Egyptian life. You can, for example, think of an Egyptian cooking workshop, a boat trip with a local fisherman or an Arabic calligraphy workshop.

Trip package: € 875,-*

This includes:
• 15 hours of Egyptian-Arabic classes
• Learning materials
• 5 excursions
• 8 nights of accommodation (based on a double-room**)
• Daily breakfast
• Farewell Dinner
• Transfer to and from Cairo airport as per schedule above


*  The flight and meals that are not listed above are not included in the price.
** Extra fees will be charged for a single room.
*** A minimum of 6 participants is required for this trip.

Exact program will follow!

Dive into the Arabic language and culture during our next trip to Egypt! 15 hours class (Egyptian-Arabic dialect), 8 nights, excursions!

Learn Arabic in Egypt!

Would you like to practice your #fruit (fak-ha, فاكهة) vocabulary? For your or Taalhuis’ next trip to Egypt?

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