Arabic in Egypt - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Arabic in Egypt

The best place to learn a language is of course in the country where it is spoken. Therefore Taalhuis travels to Egypt each autumn  for a special language trip! Dive into the Egyptian language and culture with us and find out why Egypt is called umm iddunya – mother of the world.

In October 2020 we will work on our Arabic skills again. This year Mina and Farah will take us to Alexandria! This is second biggest city in Egypt, where we will have plenty of opportunities to learn ánd practice the Egyptian language and experience city life in the ancient home of Alexander the Great! Dates and details of this trip will follow soon 🙂

Dive into the Arabic language and culture during our next trip to Egypt! 15 hours class (Egyptian-Arabic dialect), 8 nights, excursions!

Learn Arabic in Egypt!

Would you like to practice your #fruit (fak-ha, فاكهة) vocabulary? For your or Taalhuis’ next trip to Egypt?

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