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Greek in Crete

Learn the Greek language and enjoy the Cretan culture! Taalhuis Amsterdam is organizing Greek lessons on Crete!

Taalhuis Amsterdam is offering 5 mornings of intensive Greek lessons, both at a
beginner as at an intermediate / advanced levels. Furthermore, we will organize excursions in the area of Rethymno and our host Mary will be delighted to show you the secrets of the Cretan cuisine!

You will be staying at the Cretan coast in the lovely Villa Rodialos and will be welcomed by the Damvoglou family.

Room with breakfast: €30,- per night (based on two persons per room)
Single room with breakfast: €50,- per night
Language course: €180,- (incl. VAT)*

The price for this 7-day language vacation amounts to €390,- / €530,- and includes accommodation, breakfast, language course, reader and a “Cretan style” raki distillation party.

Extra costs apply for the cooking lesson and the excursions.
Costs alphabet course: €30.00
You can also join Mary’s “table de haute” in the evening for €15,- per day.

* You can also stay longer / shorter in Rodialos or only join the language course.

We will be staying in the beautiful Villa Rodialos and enjoying this spectacular view every morning!


We will be examining the following themes: introductions and exchange of personal information; numbers, days, months; groceries; at the restaurant, cooking & food; greek customs.

Intermediate / Advanced

We will focus on more complex grammar, while using literary texts and newspaper articles that will enrich your vocabulary.

Dates of the next trip to be confirmed. Contact us for more details!

Start practising your Greek shopping vocabulary..

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