Tel Aviv trip: Learn Hebrew with us

Hebrew in Tel Aviv (4-8 June)

Is there any better place to learn Hebrew than in a city that is also known as ‘the first Hebrew city’ (עיר ללא הפסקה)? In June our Hebrew teacher Dor will take us to Tel Aviv for a week of language, culture and immersion in Israeli life. All levels are welcome!


Tel Aviv is also known as ‘the white city’ (העיר הלבנה) and ‘the city that never stops’ (עיר ללא הפסקה): you can go out for a beer at 2am, while other people have their breakfast at the same time. The city is always alive and vibrant. But Tel Aviv is also full of history, especially Jaffa, which is part of the city (and also part of our trip!). Not to mention the beautiful coast and sea, with an amazing sun for ten months a year.


Information about the course:
– 5 days with language lessons from approximately 10:00 to 13:00. Each day we focus on a different theme, and the afternoon is filled with activities to put your language skills to practice
– Small groups
– Course price: €250,-


The program of our trip:


Day 1 – Welcome to Israel and Tel Aviv
On this day you’ll learn how to order your coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and of course your drinks in the local bar. You’ll also go to the market together, and buy your groceries in the ‘shuk’ or in the ‘super’.


Day 2 – Beach time!
Today we’ll collect what we should take with us to the beach, and go for a swim. That means we’ll visit the סופרפארם – the local Kruidvat – and have a chat with Israelis in Israeli slang.


Day 3 – Art market in Nachalat Binyamin
We’ll start with talking with sellers at the art market and go shopping together. Then it’s time for a scavenger hunt in the Nachalat Binyamin area.


Day 4 – Local food
On this day we’ll make some local food together – think of hummus and Israeli salad, among others. We’ll also read the street signs in Tel Aviv and Jaffa.


Day 5 – Jaffa
Bargaining is an important skill to have mastered when strolling through the flea market – so that’s what we’ll do. We’ll also meet locals in Jaffa, an ancient port city that’s now a city district of Tel Aviv, with relatively many Arab inhabitants. After that it’s time for a goodbye dinner.


Questions, or would you like to register? Send an email to

להתראות בתל אביב

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Read this interview with our Hebrew teacher!

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