Modern Greek history and language (30 April- 7 May 2022) - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Modern Greek history and language (30 April- 7 May 2022)

This year, the Greeks celebrate 200 years of independence; and next year they commemorate the 100 years that have passed since the tragic climax of the 1919-1922 Greco-Turkish war. Epos and drama, ecstasy and torment shift continuously throughout Greek History.

We want to pay attention to these historical milestones, therefore, this year we will visit parts of North Peloponnesus, Central Greece (Roumeli) and Epirus to witness these places of major historical importance first-hand.

We will commence our travels in Kalavrita, where the Greek revolution (supposedly) started and travel to Messolonghi, where the revolution continued and became a European affair.

We will visit the beautiful city of Ioannina in Epirus, an important place in the Ottoman period and the Balkan wars, and we will drive through the imposing mountains of Central Greece towards the Agrafa villages, where no foreign ruler could set foot on.

Our trip will end in Athens, the epicentre of modern Greek history.

Every day we will organise a 1,5-hour Greek language class with basic Greek conversation skills for beginners and intermediates. We will cover more advanced topics, such as history and politics (related to the program of our trip), for our higher intermediate/advanced students.


The (preliminary) program for our trip is:

30 April: Athens > Corinth > Kalavrita
1 May: Kalavrita > Messolonghi
2 May: Messolonghi > Ioannina
3 May: Ioannina
4 May: Ioannina > Arta > Agrafa
5 May: Agrafa > Galaxidi
6 May: Galaxidi > Athens
7 May: Athens (optional: Makronisos)

Price: t.b.c.

We’ll organise 8 nights  with breakfast, 4 dinners (on the days that we have dinner together), bus transportation, and Greek language and history lessons.

You organise your trip to and from Greece yourself plus lunch and meals on the days with free afternoons / evenings.

Prior to this trip you can join our Greek history talks!


This trip takes us to central Greece to learn all about modern Greek history!

Contact us for more information and / or to join this trip!

Will you already be in Greece the week before this trip?

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