Workshop: Mind the Gap: master the ‘hidden’ Dutch culture


Workshop: Mind the Gap: master the ‘hidden’ Dutch culture

You may have already sensed this:  the ‘right’ behavior, the one you learnt in your culture, can be interpreted as lack of competence in a Dutch context. Likewise, the use of a ‘word’, which is positively meant in your culture, can sometimes provoke unexpected unpleasant reactions. But the reverse also holds for the Dutch people too!  Cross-cultural research, (ours too), has demonstrated that not only key differences between cultures exist, but also that these are often incompatible and even conflicting!

We all think, behave and, most importantly, FEEL in ways our culture unnoticeably has shaped us.

But, you are no longer a child, nor innocent, so cannot spend years again exposing yourself only to environmental learning process, which this time, inevitably, entails unexpected and nasty surprises.


You need to:

  • Learn the basic values that direct the Dutch mind (or ‘another’ culture’s mind)
  • Focus on the three factors that regulate all domains of your life.
  • Train your mind with our fast and well-structured learning method and the real life case-studies.


Learn from Katerina Pouliasi, another expat who is Cross-Cultural psychologist, understands where you come from and has got in how right are the Dutch in their saying: ‘If you don’t do it for yourself, nobody is going to do it for you’!

To get a first impression complete the ‘Intercultural Questionnaire’ available at Taalhuis.

In2cltures offers an early bird discount especially for Taalhuis students, 4 sessions for 160 euro (excl. 21% VAT).

The workshop will take place at the Taalhuis location in Muiderstraat 24, 19.00-21.00, on Friday March 17th, 24th, 31st and April 24th.

For registration and information contact in2cultures.




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