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Ben je op zoek naar een plek waar je kind op een speelse manier Engels kan leren? In onze Engelse lessen voor kinderen maken ze onder leiding van een moedertaalsprekende docent kennis met de taal door middel van educatieve, interactieve spelletjes en andere taalactiviteiten. De cursussen zijn geschikt voor kinderen in de leeftijd van 7 tot 13 jaar.


Nieuwe cursussen beginnen in januari, april and september. Je vindt het rooster hieronder. Weet je niet zeker wat het juiste niveau is voor je kind? Neem contact met ons op via om een intake in te plannen.

Kies je cursus



Not sure which level suits your child?

In our English 1A course, children learn their first words and simple phrases – perfect for 7- and 8-year-olds who can already read and write a little. At level 2, your child is already able to talk a little and introduce themselves. In level 3, your child continues to expand their vocabulary and language skills. At level 4, the emphasis is on English conversation, but reading and writing are also part of the course.

Can your child already express themself with some confidence in English and would they like to learn and practice more? At Taalhuis Amsterdam, we also offer a conversation course, where the children discuss various topics, read stories, play games such as Cluedo and listen to songs.

What to expect?

Although a textbook is used during our English classes, this does not mean that all lessons are taught with the same structure. There is also a lot of focus on discussions, role plays, interactive games and other activities.

Want to know more about our children's classes?

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