Italian in Napoli (11-15 April 2023) - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Italian in Napoli (11-15 April 2023)

See Napoli and die! , Goethe once said. With its 2500 years of history, the city is so full of wonders that you don’t need to look any further.


Come and see for yourself: get lost in its tiny streets and you will find that it is vibrant, lively, full of sounds and contradictions. Feel the joyful fatalism of living at the bottom of one of the most dangerous volcanoes and on one of the most iconic bays in the world. Wander through its historic centre – a beautiful maze of churches, laundry hanging on clothes lines, hidden theatres, catacombs, castles and tiny apartments (vasci), pizzerias, markets, and monuments that UNESCO has recognised as a world heritage site and that is home to some of the most famous Italian songs in the world.


This spring Taalhuis Amsterdam will travel to Napoli for a week of language, culture and immersion in South Italian life!


Our Italian teachers Luca (from Napoli!) and Marzia will make sure to activate your language skills in daily lessons (with some homework), and you’ll spend the rest of the day practicing with the locals. Of course we’ll also go out for dinner, prepare meals ourselves and explore Napoli!


Information about the course:
– 5 half-days of class (Tuesday 11 until Saturday 15 April) from 10:00-13:00*
(incl. a small break)
– Small groups
– Course price: €250,-
– Possibility to book (extra) private lessons

*maybe sometimes an afternoon class


This week is open for all levels. After you’ve registered we’ll contact you for a level test or intake, then we’ll make small groups based on the different levels.

Attention: level A1 is now full! We still have a couple of spots for levels B1 and B2.

Lessons will take place at Teatro Il Pozzo e il Pendolo (Piazza San Domenico Maggiore 3)


Extra activities:
– Pizza making workshop: €30,-
– Evening with traditional Napolitan songs and a Q&A with the musicians of Nu Genea (who played at Lowlands last summer!): €30,-


We advise you to find a place to stay close to the Teatro Il Pozzo e il Pendolo. If you need assistance, let us know!


Travelling to Napoli: 

Would like to go to Napoli by train? We already found a comfortable and romantic itinerary:
Amsterdam >> Napoli
9 April, 7:46 – Departure from Amsterdam
9 April, 19:50 – Arrival in Milano (at dinner time)
9 April 22:13 – Departure from Milano
10 April, 8:46 – Arrival in Napoli

Napoli >> Amsterdam
16 April, 21:35 – Departure from Napoli
17 April, 6:55 – Arrival in Milano
17 April, 15:13 – Departure from Basel
17 april, 21:59 – Arrival in Amsterdam

Contact us if you would like to travel on the train together!

Ci vediamo a Napoli!

Start working on your Napolitan dialect with this song!

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