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Language trips

Because the best place to learn a language is in the country itself, we often travel! Join us for an immersion trip to places like Italy, Greece, Egypt or to Schiermonnikoog. You will take part in an intensive language course, learn about the local culture, taste local dishes, and put your new skills to practice!

Our trips


Italian in Perugia (8-12 April 2024)

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Italian on Sicily (14 – 18 October 2024)

"Palermo is the city of contradictions, a mosaic of cultures, colours and flavours that come together to create a unique beauty." Leonardo Sciascia

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Italian in Bologna (22-26 June 2024)

Bologna is an old lady with soft hips her breasts on the Po Valley and her bum on the hills Francesco Guccini, "Bologna" 1980

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Italian in Rome (Dilit)

Learn Italian in Rome!

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Dutch on Schiermonnikoog (12-15 April 2024)

With a length of 16 km and a width of 4 km, Schiermonnikoog is the smallest inhabited Wadden island. The only village on the island is also called Schiermonnikoog.

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Greek in Naxos (6 -10 May 2024)

Dive into the Greek language and the Cycladic culture of Naxos!

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