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Language trips

Because the best place to learn a language is in the country itself, we often travel! Join us for an immersion trip to places like Italy, Greece, Egypt or to Schiermonnikoog. You will take part in an intensive language course, learn about the local culture, taste local dishes, and put your new skills to practice!

Our trips


Italian on Sicily (17-21 December 2022)

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Italian in Napoli (11-15 April 2023)

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Greek in Pelion (24-28 July 2023)

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Greek in Athens (24 February- 4 March 2023)

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Italian in Rome (Dilit)

Learn Italian in Rome!

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Italian on Sardinia (June 2022)

Imagine learning Italian and speaking with the locals, enjoying the pleasures of typical homemade cuisine on the most authentic, undiscovered and beautiful Mediterranean island.

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local house visit egypt

Arabic in Egypt (15-23 October 2022)

Dive into the Egyptian language and culture with us and find out why Egypt is called umm iddunya – mother of the world.

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