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Come learn Turkish at Taalhuis Amsterdam and be welcomed with “Merhaba!” from our Turkish teachers. Our Turkish courses are taught in small groups, allowing you to quickly improve your language skills. We offer Turkish lessons for beginners and advanced students led by a teacher, who is a native speaker.

Turkish is a so-called ‘agglutinating’ language. That is to say, there is a system of suffixes by which words indicate a direction, location, or, say, possession relationship.

In Turkish lessons at Taalhuis Amsterdam, you will learn Turkish with the help of the book ‘Istanbul’, in a communicative manner and with a lot of attention to speaking skills. Our teachers speak in the target language as much as possible – even from the very beginning – and encourage you to do the same yourself.

Of course, the teachers also bring (authentic) material such as songs to class, so you not only learn the language but also talk about Turkish food, culture, and traditions. As we say in Turkish:’Bir lisan bir insan, bin lisan bin insan’ (‘One language one person, a thousand languages a thousand people.’) Tesekkürler!

Are you all motivated to learn Turkish now? Most of our courses (1 lesson per week) start in September, January, and April. Intensive courses (2 lessons per week) start in September, November, January, March, April, and June. In July and August, we organize one-week intensive summer courses for a number of languages.


A new intensive and a new conversation course will start in February. In April we’ll offer a full schedule again for all levels. You can find both schedules below.
Do you already speak some Turkish and are you interested in joining an ongoing course? Would you like some help defining your level or do you have other questions? Please contact us at info@taalhuisamsterdam.nl or check our FAQ’s!


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