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Merhaba! Welcome to Türkçe. Turkish belongs to the Altay branch of the Ural-Altaic linguistic family, just like Finnish and Hungarian. Turkish is a so called ‘agglutinative’ language, meaning that suffixes are attached to nouns and verbs to indicate  things like direction, possession etc. At Taalhuis Amsterdam you’ll learn Turkish in a communicative way, using the book ‘Istanbul’ or ‘Yeni Hitit-1’ with additional material from your teachers. Beginners can start at level A1.1 and you will slowly travel to levels A2 and B1. If we do not offer your level at this moment you can of course opt for private lessons! In our classes you’ll not only learn the Turkish language, but will also talk (in Turkish of course!) about amazing Turkish food, Turkish culture and traditions and maybe some politics in the classes! As we say in Turkish: ‘Bir lisan bir insan, bin lisan bin insan’ (‘One language one person, thousand languages thousand people.’) Tesekkürler!

New courses will start in April! You can find the schedule below.
Would you like some help defining your level or do you have other questions? Please contact us at info@taalhuisamsterdam.nl!


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