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Arabic is a fascinating language and is spoken in over 20 countries – so in many ways too. At Taalhuis Amsterdam, you can learn Modern Standard Arabic (فصحى / FusHa), Levantine (شامي / Shaamy), Egyptian (مصري /MaSry), or Moroccan Arabic (دارجة / darija).

Levantine is the dialect of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. Our Levantine courses are linked to MSA so you will work on your knowledge of standard Arabic and also learn to read and write (yes, right to left!). In this way, you get acquainted with the Arabic language just as native speakers use Arabic: they speak a dialect, but read and understand standard Arabic (FusHa).

You can also immerse yourself in the Egyptian dialect, a spoken variety of Arabic that is commonly understood all over the Arab World, also because a lot of films and music come from Egypt. Both the Levantine and Egyptian dialects are well understood throughout the Arab world.

The last addition to the dialects we teach at Taalhuis Amsterdam is Moroccan Arabic (Darija), which is quite different from other dialects as it has some influences from Berber and French for example.


A couple of new courses start in June & July! You can find the schedule below.
Would you like some help defining your level or do you have other questions? Contact us at or check our FAQ’s!
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In our Arabic classes you will learn to speak, read, understand and also write Arabic. We offer lessons in small groups, allowing you to quickly improve your language skills. The emphasis is on developing practical communication skills that you will need in everyday situations. Although a textbook is used during classes, this does not mean that every course is taught in the same way. Of course, there is also plenty of room for culture, news and songs.

Are you now fully motivated to join an Arabic course? Most of our classes (1 lesson per week) start in September, January and April. Would you like to do more besides your Arabic course to improve your language skills? Then check out our events.

Want to start learning Arabic in your own kitchen?

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