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Arabic is spoken in so many countries and so many ways! At Taalhuis Amsterdam you can choose between Modern Standard Arabic (فصحى / FusHa) and courses in the Egyptian (مصري /MaSry) and Levantine (شامي / Shaamy) dialect. Our latest addition is Moroccan!

The Modern Standard Arabic courses focus on reading and writing and once you’ve mastered the alphabet you’ll continue with vocabulary and grammar. The Arabic dialect courses focus on conversational skills in Egyptian, Levantine, the spoken varieties of Arabic that are commonly understood all over the Arab World or Moroccan Arabic. You’ll learn practical phrases for all kinds of situations and you’ll practice these with interactive exercises. The course material is composed of the textbook, songs, audio samples and video clips. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll be able to say and understand in Arabic after the course!


You can find more information about registration and other practical details here.

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