In-company language training - Taalhuis Amsterdam

In-company training

Would you like to take the intercultural communication skills in your company to the next level? We will come to you! We offer tailored in-company training and workshops designed to improve the language skills of employees. Our trained linguistic professionals can assist you with various foreign languages and Dutch of course.

We take into account both the wishes of the employer and the needs of the employee. In our courses, employees will improve their reading and writing skills, as well as, listening and speaking proficiency. We cover both business and social topics, enabling employees to work within their field at a professional and colloquial level.

Due to the current Corona crisis, our teachers have focussed and worked hard on making the most of the online options to still be able to give creative (and even interactive!) lessons. We have all noticed how important it is to stay connected to one another.

Please send an e-mail to: if you would like more information about in-company trainings.


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