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Coucou! Come join one of our French classes at Taalhuis Amsterdam and learn in small groups, allowing you to improve your language skills quickly. We offer French lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. So get ready for the language of Paris & Saint Tropez, champagne & wine, French chansons & Netflix soaps like ’10 pourcent’, French philosophers and Napoleon…, fashion and arts, Yves Saint Laurent and the Fondation Louis Vuitton.

In our French classes we focus on speaking, writing, reading and listening – and of course on the French culture! We speak French in class as much as possible. There are lessons at various levels to steadily work on your grammar and vocabulary and become a more fluent French speaker. At Taalhuis, you will be taught by experienced teachers whose mother tongue is French.

Although a textbook is used during lessons, this does not mean that all French courses are taught in the same way. There is also plenty of room for culture, French chansons and the French news, so that you are completely ready for your next trip to ‘l’Hexagone’. For advanced speakers who wish to keep their French ‘comme il faut’, there are regular conversation classes.

Are you now fully motivated to learn French? Most of our courses (1 lesson per week) start in September, January and April. Intensive courses (2 lessons per week) start in September, November, January, March, April and June. In July and August, we organise one-week intensive summer courses for a number of languages.

In September we’ll offer a full schedule again for all levels. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of its publication.
Do you already speak some French and are you interested in joining an ongoing course? Would you like some help defining your level, or do you have other questions? Please contact us at or check our FAQ’s!

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