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Learn Modern Hebrew (also known as ‘Ivrit’): the ancient language of the Bible in its modernized form. Since its rebirth in the nineteenth century, it has (like its distant linguistic cousin Arabic) become an official language of Israel and is used every day by millions of speakers.

We offer courses for beginners, where you will learn the language as it is spoken in Israel today from its very basics. You will learn the alphabet (אלף-בית), as well as some foundational vocabulary, grammar and conversational skills.

Do you already speak Hebrew, but are you keen on practicing more? In our conversation course you’ll practice your Hebrew speaking skills. Each week you’ll speak about a different topic that requires B1+ level.


In July we offer a summer immersion for beginners. Courses for levels A1.1-B1+ start again in September. Please see the schedule below!
You can find more information about registration and other practical details here.

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Ani ohev shokolad! Ani ohev pitza! Ma ata ohev? Chances are that our Hebrew teacher Dor Melichson will ask you what food you like in your first lesson!

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