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Come learn Farsi at Taalhuis Amsterdam! Farsi (also known as Persian) is the official language of Iran, Afghanistan (Dari) and Tajikistan (Tajik). This ancient Indo-European language has a long tradition of literature and poetry – think of poets like the famous Rumi!

But before we start talking about that, in our Farsi courses we cover common conversation topics and focus on everyday communication. We use the book Persian in Use, which covers reading and writing. Once you master the alphabet, you will learn the spoken language as well as the more formal forms.

Our Farsi courses are taught in small groups, so you can improve your language skills quickly. We spend most of the lesson improving your speaking skills and do our best to give you the right building blocks to become a creative user of this beautiful language. We offer Farsi lessons for beginners and semi-advanced.

In the Farsi course, both teachers and students speak Farsi as much as possible and develop your speaking skills – obviously paying attention to correct grammar and vocabulary. Our teachers speak in the target language as much as possible – even from the very beginning – and encourage you to do the same yourself. At Taalhuis, you will be taught by experienced teachers whose mother tongue is Farsi.

Although a textbook is used during the lessons, this does not mean that every Farsi course is taught in the same way. Of course, there is also plenty of room for world news and cultural phenomena to get the conversation going.

Are you now fully motivated to learn Farsi? Most of our courses (1 lesson per week) start in September, January and April. Intensive courses (2 lessons per week) start in September, November, January, March, April and June. In July and August, we run one-week intensive summer courses for a number of languages.


A new beginners course will start in June. You can find the schedule below.
Do you already speak some Farsi and are you interested in joining an ongoing course? Would you like some help defining your level or do you have other questions? Please contact us at info@taalhuisamsterdam.nl or check our FAQ’s!
In September we’ll offer a full schedule again for all levels. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of its publication.

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Of course we also tell you many things about the Iranian culture!

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