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Cineforum online – Caterina va in città

We invite all Italian language and movie lovers to Cineforum online with Marzia Ruta.

On the program: Caterina va in città by Paolo Virzì (2003).

?  You will love it if you have an A2 level or higher: Italian subs are available and you can stop, rewind, rewatch the film as many times as you want.


This is a little cousin of Taalhuis’ well-known Cineforum, but it works slightly different:

1) Students will be given a link to the movie via email (one week before the lesson). With this link, you can watch the movie as many times as you want. But you have to watch the movie BEFORE the lesson.

2) Then on Monday, February 8 at 17.30-19.00 you’re invited to the (online) conversation class about the movie (in Italian). Marzia will organize activities where you can share your opinions, talk about the movie, the characters, and so on.

The class is going to take place via ZOOM!

Deadline for registration: February 4 (if you register after, we cannot guarantee that you’ll get a link to the movie in time).

IMPORTANT. Please mention your language level on the registration form!

Why you shouldn’t miss Italian Cineforum with Marzia Ruta?

  • Marzia knows everything about good Italian CINEMA! In addition to Italian teachers specialization, she studied literature and cinema at the University of Bologna.
  • This is not only about watching a movie! This project is intended to be a forum for discussion! Agree, disagree, express your opinions! The only requirement – in Italian!
  • 'Gezellig' environment with other Italy lovers.
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