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Italian grammar club – Parlare al passato

Parlare al passato (Passato prossimo, Imperfetto, Trapassato prossimo, Passato remoto Indicativo)

We are what we have experienced in our lives and that is why everybody is always so eager to be able to talk about what they did, what they have seen, what they have experienced, tasted, tried, done and learnt.
But how to do it in another language?
We know, there are way too many ways to talk about the past in Italian! What should you choose? Passato prossimo or Imperfetto? Trapassato or Passato remoto? Passato what?
We know it’s super tricky to choose between all of these options, and that’s why Luca is going to review all the rules with you in this 2 hour workshop, show many examples, discuss your questions and maybe play a bit with all these tenses.

Do you finally want to learn the differece between ‘volevo’ and ‘ho voluto’ or ‘avevo pensato’ and ‘ho pensato’ or between ‘conoscevo’ and ‘ho conosciuto’, ‘ha detto’ and ‘disse”?
Join this workshop and discover all the secrets behind the use of past tenses in Italian!

For this workshop a minimum level of A2 is required.

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