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Italian grammar club – Se usassi il congiuntivo…

Se usassi il congiuntivo… (Congiuntivo e Condizionale dei verbi: quando come e perché).

Se usassi il congiuntivo la tua vita cambierebbe completamente e tu saresti molto più sexy!
You don’t believe me? Many journalists have described the proper use of Italian subjunctive verbs as extremely elegant, even sexy sometimes. Why? Because even Italian people make mistakes with these difficult forms, so when someone uses them correctly, everyone notices it.
If you want to understand how to combine subjunctive and conditional tenses or if you want to understand the difference between them, or even if you just need a little extra exercise on these forms, this workshop is for you!

Join this workshop with Luca for two hours of activities, explanations, games and questions surrounding the most hated and loved Italian verbs!

For this workshop a minimum level of B1 is required.

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