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Teacher Training – Grammar!

Grammar is a very important component of language, and as language teachers we might want to reflect on what we do with it in class.

Should (all) students study grammar in order to learn a language? Is it useful to work on grammar rules? What kind of grammar do you study in class? And maybe most importantly and interesting: in which way do you expose your students to grammar?

For this full day teacher training we will focus on different ways to teach grammar, to understand when different techniques match our purposes as teachers. We will explore playful and interactive techniques as well as more traditional approaches and reflect on the different needs of every class. Susanna Andrei, teacher and teachers trainer at DILIT Rome will visit Taalhuis Amsterdam to share some of the school’s renowned insights on grammar and work on a specific activity, the ‘Mimed story’ with us. Alberto and Francesca, two of Taalhuis Amsterdam’s teachers will host workshops on inductive vs. deductive grammar and games vs. the more traditional approach to grammar.

This day consists of one lecture and three workshops in small groups to allow more interaction and reflection time.

09.30-10.00: welcome and registration
10.00-12.30: Workshop Mimed story by Susanna Andrei (group 1)
10.00-11.15 : Workshop Inductive vs Deductive grammar by Francesca Branca (group 2)
11.15-12.30: Workshop Grammar between tradition and games by Alberto Colorado (Group 2)
12.30 -13.30 Lunch break
13.30 – 14.30 Lecture Which grammar? by Susanna Andrei (plenary)
14.30-14-45 coffee break
14.45 -17.15  Workshop Mimed story  by Susanna Andrei (group 2)
14.45-16.00: Workshop Grammar between tradition and games by Alberto Garin (Group 1) 16.00- 17.15 Workshop Inductive vs Deductive grammar by Francesca Branca (group 1)
17.15 -18.00  Attendance certificates and final ‘aperitivo’

The workshops will not focus on a specific language, so teachers from all languages are welcome to join. All workshops and lectures are in English.

Location: Tweede Schinkelstraat 26
Price: €65,- (lunch included)

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