Greek in Pelion (24-28 July 2023) - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Greek in Pelion (24-28 July 2023)

Pelion has it all: sea, endless beaches, olive trees, mountains, thick forests with oak, maple and chestnut trees, and characteristic villages with stone houses covered by grey or green slate roofs. In the main city, Volos, you can sit down with a local tsipouro and dream away, gazing at the sea, where Jason once set shore with the Argo.


This summer Pelion will also be our destination to dive into the Greek language and culture! We will organise a one week intensive course in Stefania‘s village Zagora. You’ll have 3 hours of Greek lessons per day, and your afternoons will be spent strolling through the mountains, relaxing at the sea, or joining us on cultural and culinary excursions!


Information about the course:
– 5 half-days of class (Monday 24 July until Friday 28 July) from 10:00-13:00
(incl. a small break, maybe sometimes an afternoon class)
– Small groups
– Course price: €250,-
– Possibility to book (extra) private lessons!


This week is open for all levels. After you’ve registered we’ll contact you for a level test or intake, then we’ll make small groups based on the different levels.


Lessons will take place at the primary school of Zagora.

Extra activities (these might change, we’ll send you more details closer to the dates of this trip:
1. Βαρκάδα στην παλαιά Μιτζέλα / Boat trip to Mitzela
2. Πεζοπορία μέχρι τον Αθωνα / Hiking tour to Athona
3. Cooking class
4. Πανηγύρι στις 26 Ιουλίου / traditional celebration on the 26th of July



You can find plenty of nice accommodations in Zagora or at the beach. Pelion has a bus service, but if you’re not staying in walking distance from the school, a (rental) car might be a better idea. Let us know if you need tips on where to stay, we’re happy to assist!

O αποδημείν εί αρίστη παιδεία. Traveling is the best education. (Ancient Greek proverb)

Register before 1 June 2023

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