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Under the stars

On the 14th of March join Taalhuis for a Greek theatre show ‘Under the stars - Οι κάτω απ’τ’αστέρια’ and a drink afterwards.

It is the bittersweet story, which takes place on a Greek island, between two young people who leave their timeless mark on each other. The final showdown of two lovers trapped by their choices. A meeting full of emotion, humour, conflict and nostalgia.

Performed in Greek with English surtitles. Tickets available directly from the organizers!


20-30 EUR

March 14

At 20:00 in Boom Chicago, Amsterdam

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De Warme Winkel & Amsterdamse Bostheater: De Drie Musketiers

Practice your Dutch in the theatre!

Would you like to know what a truly Amsterdam experience is? Join us in the Amsterdamse Bos this summer.

Take your picnic blanket, favourite drink and make yourself comfortable! We are going to watch “De Drie Musketiers”, the story about honor, courage, slapstick and spectacle.

Because we are in Amsterdam don’t forget to take your umbrella in case of spontaneous summer rain! :)

22 EUR

11 July

We meet at 19:30 for a "potluck picknick"
The performance starts at 21:00

Language: Dutch with English surtitles!

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