Greek in Naxos (6 -10 May 2024) - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Greek in Naxos (6 -10 May 2024)

In the middle of the Cycladic Islands, surrounded by see breezes of the Aegean lies Naxos, where you can get lost in the (Venetian) labyrinth of Naxos city, stroll around in numerous mountain villages, walk along the beaches, swim in the sea, visit archeological sites and musea and of course end the day in the harbor with amazing mezedes.


But all this is of course becomes much nicer when… yes, when you speak Greek! We’re happy to organise a language trip to this special destination again in May 2024.


We’ll organise 3 hours of Greek lessons per day and you can spend the rest of the day practicing with the locals. Of course we’ll also eat out, learn to cook and explore the island together!


Information about the course:
– 5 half-days of class (Monday 6 until Friday 10 May)
(We try to plan most lessons from from 10:00-13:15 incl. a small break, maybe there will sometimes be an afternoon class)
– Small groups
– Course price: €280,-
– Possibility to book (extra) private lessons!
– Deadline for registration: 4 March 2024



This week is open for all levels, but you have to already know the alphabet*. After you’ve registered we’ll contact you for a level test or intake, then we’ll make small groups based on the different levels.


* If you don’t know the alphabet yet, let us know, so we can organise an alphabet lesson (in Amsterdam or on Naxos prior to the start of the course).



Lessons will take place at the cultural center of Naxos city.



Extra activities:
Will be announced closer to the date



How to get there and where to stay:

Naxos has a small airport for domestic flights, so you can only get there via places like Athens, Mykonos, Santorini. You can find plenty of nice accommodations in Naxos. If you need help, let us know!

5-day course on Naxos for €280,-.

The lessons

5 days a week, 3 hours a day


Travel and accommodation arrangements are not included, but we are more than happy to advise!

The next course will be from 6 to 10 May 2024. Send us an email to register or ask your questions!

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