Italian grammar club – Il periodo ipotetico - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Italian grammar club – Il periodo ipotetico

“Se mia nonna avesse le ruote, sarebbe una bicicletta!” (If my grandma had wheels, she would be a bicycle!) Did you already master this Italian grammar?

When you learn to use the hypothetical structures in Italian, you can create alternative realities and imaginary worlds. There is no limit to the possibilities, as long as you master some key elements such as ‘se’, ‘fossi’, and ‘sarebbe stato’.

In this Italian grammar workshop our teacher Luca will show you the differences between the three main types of hypothesis in Italian and help you practice these structures through some interactive exercises and games. You will get a chance to review the ‘congiuntivo’ and the ‘condizionale’, but also to talk about the structure of the Italian sentence. Jump on the wheel of possibilities and join us for some grammar fun!

This workshop is cancelled.

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