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Open Day & Back to School Borrel at Muiderstraat

Open Day & Back to School Borrel at MuiderstraatOnline Open Evening – 1 September 2022Everything you need to know about our Open DaysShare a photo with your Taalhuis bag and win a free course!Online Open Evening – 1 September 2022Open Day & Back to School Borrel at MuiderstraatFrom Mistral to Sirocco: the story behind the names of our classroomsFrench-Dutch échange linguistique (language exchange)French-Dutch échange linguistique (language exchange)Open Day on 2 April icon_mail icon_phone facebook twitter instagram linkedin youtube curl icon_location icon_close icon_clock icon_calender icon_arrow-black icon_arrow-white dropdown icon_min icon_plus placeholder books France_02 calendar clock location Created with Sketch.