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Beach proof Greek

Here’s some useful Greek vocabulary for your day at the beach!

If you’re not on walking distance from the beach, a car (αυτοκίνητο) is very useful!

Pick your beach (παραλία)

and put on your bikini (μαγιό)

and sunglasses (γυαλιά ηλίου)..

…. maybe a hat (καπέλο)

..and of course sunscreen (αντιηλιακό)

And then it’s time for your first dive (βουτιά)

And when all the swimming is over you might be a bit hungry so you can wash some cherries (κεράσια)  (and eat them)..

…or go to a taverna and eat some seafood (θαλασσινά), like γυαλιστερή (this is a random choice, because there are of course many treasures from the sea in Greek beach taverna’s, but these are extremely tasty (νόστιμο), so if you see them on a menu, go for it:)


And now… If you like to know how to pronounce all those words and how to put them in sentences join our Greek courses!

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