Coronavirus update in May! - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Coronavirus update in May!

Following the latest updates in the news and the re-opening of some public services, we’d like to give you a quick update of our own plans of returning to the classroom.

Starting 1 June we’d like to facilitate the return to the classroom of private lessons and small groups with up to maximum 3 students. This will of course only be an option if all students in the group as well as the teacher feel comfortable to do so. If one member of the group does not want to return to live classes (for example due to being at ‘high risk’ or being close to someone who is, or having to use public transport to get to the school) we ask for your solidarity and the course will stay online a little longer. If the group does agree to meet live, please wash your hands, stay at a safe distance from each other and don’t come to class if you feel unwell.

We unfortunately do not know yet when larger groups can go back to the classrooms, since it will be hard for us to facilitate the 1,5 m distance. We stay tuned to the news and any governmental and RIVM press releases and will keep you informed! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


And to contribute a little bit to the community, our teachers are volunteering the coming weeks to host free language events!

The upcoming FREE events are:

Dutch Borrel on 5 June! Get yourself a beer or jonge jenever and join the Dutch conversation.

Intercambio Dutch/Spanish on 12 June! We invite all our Dutch- and Spanish-speaking students to practice languages of each other! It’s a kind of language tandem conversation evening!

Read what are the other ways to keep your Spanish up-to-date!

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