Greek grammar club - μέλλοντας και υποτακτική - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Greek grammar club – μέλλοντας και υποτακτική

The verb is the boss in a sentence and tells us who is doing something, at what time and sometimes even in which ‘mood’ someone is doing something! This grammar workshop is dedicated to the simple future (απλός μέλλοντας) and the conjunctive (απλή υποτακτική). Would you like to master or refresh the the Greek verb conjugations and practice combining verbs and talk about the future in various contexts (what are you going to do tomorrow, tonight, next year?). In this 2 hour online session we will review the rules, show many examples and give you plenty of exercises to work on your grammar skills. The use of απλός μέλλοντας and συνεχής μέλλοντας as well as απλή υποτακτική and συνεχής υποτακτική will be part of our next grammar workshop ΌΨΗ!

See you on 13 February!

Keep practicing Greek!

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