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Andiamo al cinema – No Dogs or Italians Allowed

Andiamo al cinema insieme con Taalhuis?
On Wednesday 24 May Rialto VU will screen the film “No dogs or Italians allowed”. The film won the prize for best animated film at the European Film Award 2022 and the Jury prize at the Annecy Film Festival.
The Italian Ughetto family lives in northern Italy but they find it very hard to make a living. They decide to emigrate to France in search of a better future, but it will be a challenge greater than expected and the main obstacle will be…anti-Italianism. Will the Ughettos be able to win the battle against prejudices and stereotypes?
A precious film for those who love the Italian language and culture, a good opportunity to see an excellent film and then have a chat with our teacher Marzia and other France / Italy / French / Italian and film lovers at the bar on interesting and very current topics.
* The film is in French not in Italian.

Vieni anche tu al cinema con noi? Tu viens?

Wednesday 24 May 19.00
Rialto VU De Boelelaan 1111 1081 HV Amsterdam
Send us an email (info@taalhuisamsterdam.nl) if you’d like to join and buy your own ticket or use the Cineville pass.

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