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Classical Persian poetry: Attar of Neyshabur

Following the first 3 lessons dedicated to Classical Persian poetry, we’re pleased to invite you for a continuation of the series designed by Mehdi! The three new main figures: Hafez, Khayyam, Attar of Neyshabur!

We will introduce you to their masterpieces, talk about historical context, and of course, read the poems (in the original language) and discuss an interpretation of them.

Tonight is on the program: Attar of Neyshabur

Attar of Neyshabur (ca. 1142 – 1221) was a Persian poet and Sufi mystic. Alongside, Sana’i and Mowlavi, Attar is enumerated among the most influential figures in Persian mystic poetry. About thirty works of Attar have survived the destruction of the city of Neyshabur by Mongols in 1221, including his magnum opus “Manṭiq Al-Tayr” (The Conference of the Birds).

You can follow a single lesson or a full mini-course of 3 sessions!

This series is designed for students with different levels of Farsi. The lessons will be in English.

The series will be conducted online. You will get the details after registration.

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