Discover the Dutch countryside (10k walk) - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Discover the Dutch countryside (10k walk)

Come and join our Dutch teacher Elianne on a walk through the Dutch countryside! On this 10k walk you will discover one of the few wild patches near Amsterdam: the Bretten. Are you ready to ‘struin’, crawl underneath a fallen tree, and pull yourself across a ‘slootje’ by means of a little cable ferry? During the walk you will have time to get to know the other students and practise your Dutch conversation skills while talking about ‘koetjes en kalfjes’ (small talk, for all levels!).

For centuries the only way to travel from Haarlem to Amsterdam was by walking or driving on the long and windy Spaarndammerdijk, keeping the IJ on your left and a lake on your right. Nowadays, most water has been turned into land, but we will see bits and pieces of the old infrastructure on the way. Our destination will be the small village of Sloterdijk, a.k.a. the train station where your train always stops.

What you should bring:
– sturdy shoes
– rain clothes and/or sun screen
– something to eat for lunch
– a bottle of water
– it is recommended to wear long trousers because of the plants

The walk starts Sunday the 5th of September at 11:00 at train station Halfweg-Zwanenburg, and finishes around 14:30 at train station Sloterdijk. Your train ticket is not included in the price.

Registration for this walk is closed, see you next time!

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