Discover the Jewish quarter in Amsterdam

Discover the Jewish quarter in Amsterdam

This is Mathilda ‘Tilly’ Nelly de Vries. Tilly lived in the Plantage Kerklaan in the Jewish neighborhood of Amsterdam until she was arrested in March 1941, because she was a member of the Anti-Fascist Student Committee, a communist resistance group. After her arrest, she stayed in the so-called ‘Oranjehotel’, a prison in Scheveningen used by the nazis during the Second World War to detain people of the resistance, Jews and communists awaiting their interrogation and trial. 1,5 years later Tilly was murdered as a Jewish woman in the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

Tilly’s story is not unique. Of the circa 140.000 Jews who lived in the Netherlands in 1940, more than 102.000 (75 percent) didn’t survive the horrors of the Holocaust. And the Second World War almost completely wiped out Jewish life in Amsterdam, which started in the 16th century. During 350 years Jews were a significant part of the population of Amsterdam and they left their tangible and cultural traces in the city.

Onno Warns, a Jewish ‘Amsterdammer’ himself, studied history in this city. During this tour of approximately 1,5 hours, he will take you on a trip through history, which begins with the arrival of the first Spanish and Portuguese Jews in the neighborhoods around the current Waterlooplein. We’ll walk from the imposing synagogues at the Mr. Visserplein, through Uilenburg and Rapenburg into the Plantage and the 20th century. Together we will look for testimonies of the vibrant Jewish life and stop at the memorials in remembrance of those who never came back.

Like Tilly, who was Onno’s greataunt.

This tour takes place on 20 April, in the weeks leading up to the 4th of May (Remembrance Day).

The program:

10:00: Gather at the Jewish Museum

A1-A2 levels:
10:00: English walk starts from the Jewish Museum
11:30: Visit Jewish museum

B1 levels and higher:
10:00: Visit Jewish museum
11:30: Dutch walk starts from the Jewish Museum

The ticket price doesn’t include entrance to the museum. You can register below – please let us know in the remarks what your current level is.

Have a look at the many Hebrew words in Dutch!

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