Farsi with films - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Farsi with films

Are you learning Farsi and would like to get more ‘touch and feel’ with the language, culture, and Persian cinema?

Niloufar invites everyone with an intermediate Farsi level and higher to join her workshop ‘Learn Farsi with films’.

This workshop will give you an opportunity to encounter the spoken language of Farsi, improve your own listening and speaking skills, and of course, get to know the Cinema of Persia.

You will watch short fragments of different films and try to distinguish words and phrases (that will be handed out by Niloufar beforehand). There will be a room for a short discussion afterwards so you can practice the newly-acquired vocabulary.

The workshop is planned for 22 January from 19:00 to 20:00 online (via ZOOM).

Learn more about Iran!

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