Hebrew reading and writing workshop: Ktav letters - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Hebrew reading and writing workshop: Ktav letters

Do you already know the Hebrew alphabet but would you like to be able to write better and read people’s handwriting? Do you want to strengthen your ability to recognize words more easily?

Join us for the first-ever Taalhuis Hebrew reading and writing workshop series, where our teacher Dor will guide you through the Ktav letters. Ktav letters are handwritten letters, which look hard compared to typed letters, but with practice, they get easier to use and are more practical. In this workshop, you will also learn how to read handwritten words and sentences and you’ll practice identifying words that look very similar.

This workshop is open to everyone at an A1+ level. Anyone with a higher level is also welcome to refresh their knowledge. The duration of the workshop is 3 hours, including a short break. The workshop can be followed as a single workshop but also serves as a good preparation/basis before the second session of this grammar series: reading without vowels part I.


Hebrew reading and writing workshop: Ktav letters

Friday 19 July 2024

Rapenburgerstraat 123-IV
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