Italian Carnival for children! - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Italian Carnival for children!

On 29 February we invite children and their parents to join our own colorful ‘Carnevale di Taalhuis’ inspired by famous Italian Carnivals.

You’ll be transported to a magical atmosphere with typical masks, music, and sweets. During our Carnival children can color their own mask to wear them afterward and get to know about famous Carnival characters like Arlecchino, Colombina or Pantalone (and if you still have enough patience, color them as well!). By the way, did you know that from North to South, every region of Italy has its own representative mask? Let’s figure out the difference together!

As the saying goes “a carnevale ogni scherzo vale”… Carnevale in Italy is all about fun.

‘Carnevale di Taalhuis’ is open for children of all ages. Of course, we will speak a lot of Italian, but we’ll also explain things in Dutch/ English.
Right after the carnival fiesta, we would love to introduce you to our new cooperation with “I Libri Volanti”. 

29 February at 12:00 in Tweede Schinklestraat 26, Amsterdam.

Entrance ticket: 10 EUR for a kid, parents (adults) are for free.

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As the saying goes “a carnevale ogni scherzo vale”... Carnevale in Italy is all about fun.

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