Italian Cineforum: Mediterraneo - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Italian Cineforum: Mediterraneo

We’re happy to announce that after a warm-season break ‘Italian Cineforum’ with Marzia Ruta is back. Therefore every second Sunday we invite you to our improvised cinema in Muiderstraat 24 to enjoy the hidden gems of the Italian cinema.
We open the new season with the film “Mediterraneo” by Gabriele Salvatores (1991).

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Durante la II guerra mondiale, un gruppo di militari italiani ha occupato un piccolissimo paesino in Grecia. Ma dopo l’8 settembre del 1943, con la resa dell’Italia e il cambio delle alleanze, i soldati si trovano bloccati in una dimensione fuori dal tempo e dalla Storia e non sanno bene cosa fare.
Una commedia-capolavoro.
Premio oscar 1991 come miglior film straniero.

Why you shouldn’t miss Italian Cineforum with Marzia Ruta?

  • Marzia knows everything about good Italian CINEMA! In addition to Italian teachers specialization, she studied literature and cinema at the University of Bologna.
  • This is not only about watching a movie! This project is intended to be a forum for discussion! Agree, disagree, express your opinions! The only requirement – in Italian!
  • 'Gezellig' environment with other Italy lovers.
  • Glass of wine/beer and the classic “film night” bites (aka popcorn and chips).

All movies will be shown in Italian with Italian subtitles! See you in Muiderstraat 24!

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