Practice Italian: Italian-Dutch interscambio (language exchange)

Italian-Dutch interscambio (language exchange)

Vuoi praticare il tuo olandese insieme ai nostri corsisti nativi olandesi? Partecipa all’aperitivo interscambio italo/olandese. Wil je Italiaans oefenen met onze Italiaanstalige cursisten? Kom naar onze interscambio-borrel!


24 November from 18:30 till 20:00, at Tweede Schinkelstraat 26

Cost: 5,- (one drink included).

If you would like to join, you can register below. Please let us know in the remarks:

1) If you’re an (ex-)student of Taalhuis
2) Your native language

See you there!

See you on 24 November!

Get in the mood with some Italian music:

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