Italian grammar club - Forma passiva - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Italian grammar club – Forma passiva

You thought you had already learnt a lot of grammar and that you could find your way around it relatively easily. Then you discovered that Italian also has the passive form…
So, let’s turn it all around and start from scratch: subject, object, verb… which is which?
Sometimes it really feels like Italian grammar was created by a very evil and sadistic mind, we know, but we also believe that we can help you navigate this labyrinth of verbs and nouns.
This Grammar Club will help you identify and understand the different passive forms (with ‘venire’, ‘essere’, ‘andare’ and ‘si passivante’) and practice them with the guidance of our expert Luca.
Join us for this workshop and take your Italian a step further!


For students with a B1 level in Italian, or higher.
Workshop: 16:00-18:00.

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