Italian grammar club - Pronomi diretti/indiretti, ci/ne - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Italian grammar club – Pronomi diretti/indiretti, ci/ne

‘Diretti, indiretti, riflessivi, possessivi, ci, ne… Ma cosa se ne fanno gli italiani di tutti questi pronomi?’

If you want to have an answer to this eternal question, join this workshop with Luca!
Pronouns are typically a very difficult subject and one of the things students tend to avoid as much as possible. But there is no need, they can be very nice friends if you let them, and allow you to speak in a much simpler and fluent way.

During this meeting of the Grammar Club you will review direct and indirect pronouns, so that you get a clear picture of how to use them with the right types of verbs. You will also finally discover the difference between the terrible ‘ci’ and ‘ne’… Something you’ve always wanted to know!

Luca will challenge you with some special activities and will answer all your questions on this subject. Un workshop utilissimo, non te lo perdere!


For students with an A2 level in Italian, or higher.
Workshop: 29 October, 18:00-20:00, online.

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