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Queer language of the Mediterranean

Did you know that almost every language has words unique to the queer community? Do you want to hear more about this? This Pride Month, we invite you to hear, get to know, and learn about the LGBTQ+ language of various Mediterranean languages.

During this event, we’ll listen to diverse guest speakers, who will offer a glimpse into their country’s LGBTQ+ community, history, and vocabulary as well as elaborate on different approaches to make their specific language inclusive despite the grammatical genders.

The event is open to anyone who would like to learn more about the topic. You can attend the entire event or only some of the presentations. Each presentation will be 20 minutes long, with a 5-minute break in between followed by a ‘late-night panel discussion’ and drinks. If you want to join but cannot afford the ticket please contact us at info@taalhuisamsterdam.nl.

What to expect
vreer will be there to shine some light on Polari Dutch, and our Hebrew teacher Dor will talk about queer language in Israel. Darius will give a historical and contemporary glimpse into the subject and share some interesting facts about the Iranian queer community, Persian pronouns, and queer language in Iran, followed by José who will speak about how Spanish-speaking communities try to make Spanish more inclusive. Following our Greek teacher Maro’s presentation on Καλιαρντά (Kaliardá), the slang language used by the gay community of Greece, we will have a panel discussion.

19:15 — Doors open
19:30-19:45 — Welcome and introduction
19:45-20:05 — Polari Dutch with vreer
20:10-20:30 — Queer language in Hebrew with Dor
20:35-20:55 — Queer language in Persian with Darius
21:00-21:20 — Inclusive language in Spanish with José
21:25-21:45 — Queer slang in Greek (Kaliardá) with Maro
21:50-22:30 — Panel discussion and drinks

About the Speakers

vreer sirenu is a long-term queer and trans activist with a knack for languages. Que is Dutch and from the days before the right-wing deluge that is coming over us. Que is a vreer of all trades and has worked with XS4ALL, Vluchtelingenwerk, Transgender Netwerk, BIJ1 and is now a writer for the Dutch branch of the BDS [Boycott, Divest and Sanctions) movement. Que speaks Dutch, German, French, Spanish, and some Greek, has sniffed at Turkish and Hungarian, and knows a bit of Italian. Linguistic and queer nitpicking is definitely que’s cup of tea.

Dor Avrahami Liberman
In addition to teaching Hebrew at Taalhuis Amsterdam since 2021, Dor is a history and philosophy teacher who is deeply involved in the LGBTQ+ community.

Darius Kazemnia
After completing his studies in engineering, Darius received his Master’s in Educational Technology at Bahcesehir University in Istanbul. Having decided to pursue a career in education, he taught English as a CELTA-certified teacher for many years in Tehran and Istanbul. He left his country, Iran, in 2017 to Georgia, then to Turkey, before he landed in the Netherlands in 2022 where he has since lived and identifies as proudly homosexual.

José Manuel Matus
Originally from Chile, José has been living in the Netherlands for a year and a half. In his first steps in Europe, he pursued civil engineering studies in Spain, which broadened his perspective on diversity and inclusion. As a gay person and a member of the LGBTI+ community, he is deeply involved in queer movements, always using language as a strong tool of respect and inclusion. He advocates for inclusive and non-binary language use, especially in Spanish-speaking contexts, fostering a more welcoming and respectful environment for everyone.

Maro Lazarou
Maro teaches Greek at Taalhuis Amsterdam since 2018 and is a loyal ally of LGBTQI+ and BIPOC communities and their intersections. Originally from Greece, Maro migrated to the Netherlands in 2010 and has been involved in different political struggles since then. Through political activism, Maro understands well that language is not only power but also survival. Maro identifies as a non-binary woman.

See you on 28 June!

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