Learn Dutch in the Tropenmuseum - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Learn Dutch in the Tropenmuseum

Join us for a special NT2 tour in the Tropenmuseum ‘Mooi meegenomen’.

Tropenmuseum is an inspirational place full of objects from all over the world.

In the course of the tour you will be introduced to objects from different cultures and hear and discuss stories about universal human themes such as mourning, celebrations or praying.

We are also going to talk about personal stories linked to different objects.
? That’s why you’re kindly asked to bring an object from home and prepare a short story behind it. That can be something that matters to you and/or characterises your own culture.

The tour is specially designed for Dutch learners (A2-B1 levels) and focused on improving your speaking & listening skills!

The tour starts at 11:15. We are gathering at 11:00 in front of the entrance to the museum.

Why joining us on the NT2 tour in Tropenmuseum?

  • Practice your Dutch skills!
  • Get to know other cultures and traditions!
  • Meet other Dutch learners!
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