Italian try out lessons from Dilit, Rome & Aperitivo - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Italian try out lessons from Dilit, Rome & Aperitivo

Are you interested in studying Italian in Italy? On 24 January 2020 Luisa from Dilit, Rome visit our school to tell you all about the possibilities of studying for 1 week, 2 weeks or more in Rome!
There will be trial lessons and time to ask all questions you might have.

16:30 Trial lesson A1 & A2 levels
17:10 Presentation “La città eterna” and a glass of wine 🙂
18:00 Trial lesson B1 & B2 levels
19:00 Dinner time: “Bucatini all’Amatriciana” by Marzia (vegetarian option also available)

This evening is completely free (but you’re welcome to leave a voluntary contribution for your dinner of course).

We would however like to know how many students to expect, so please send an email to to reserve your spot in class and/ or at the dinner table.

Learn all about studying Italian in Rome at Dilit language school.

See you on 24 January!

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