Meet our English teacher Jonathan - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Meet our English teacher Jonathan

Did you know that Taalhuis also offers language courses for children? Just like our ‘normal’ lessons, the lessons for children are very interactive, engaging, full of fun and games, and led by a native speaking teacher.

Read the interview below to find out more about English teacher: Jonathan Brown.


 “Look to the right! look to the left! look up! look around! touch the ceiling! touch the floor!”


Learning English with Jonathan? Then these are only a few of the warm-up exercises you can expect at the start of your lesson! Jonathan Brown is originally from the US and at Taalhuis he teaches English to children.


How would you describe your lessons?


We always start off with some warm-up exercises. Of course, we have a book that we follow, but we also play games, and we love to sing songs!


What do you like most about teaching?


I really enjoy seeing the process of children learning. They learn new words and rules, get to use what they’ve learnt and eventually you can see them becoming more and more comfortable. It’s a nice process to follow!


Do you have a message for your students?


You’re never too old to learn English and you’re never too young to learn English. Just give it a go!


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